Common Instrument Interface

The Common Instrument Interface (CII) Study Activity supports Earth Science Directorate (ESD) by identifying a common set of Earth Science instrument-to-spacecraft interface guidelines that will improve the likelihood that these instruments become hosted payloads on hosted payload opportunities. CII works with industry, academia, and other government agencies to analyze the interface trade space, which helps ESD understand the key drivers in the matching process. CII also hosts periodic workshops to bring together stakeholders to review team guidelines and nurture relationships within the community.

Team Member Contact List





Randy Regan

ESSP Chief Engineer

(757) 864-1869

Brian Blakkolb


(818) 354-3905

Randy Regan

Project Manager

(757) 864-1869

Dr. Nikzad “Benny” Toomarian

Systems Integration, CONOPS

(818) 354-7945

John Carey

Electrical Power Systems, Launch and Space Environments

(301) 286-8893

Gaj Birur

Thermal Systems

(818) 354-4762

Ben Bornstein

Data Systems

(818) 393-5349

Randy Hein

Mechanical Systems

(818) 354-0103

Jim Hoffman

Hosted Payload Opportunity

(818) 393-7174

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Attendees or other interested parties are welcome to comment on material on the website or at the workshop. Simply save a copy of the [CII feedback form]* with your comments and e-mail it to [Randy Regan].