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Heliophysics DRIVE Science Centers RFI NNH17ZDA008L

NASA is soliciting input to assist the Heliophysics Division in NASA's Science Mission Directorate and NSF’s Atmospheric and Geospace Science Division in planning a solicitation in the 2018 timeframe for DRIVE-Inspired Integrative Science Centers, focused on ambitious and achievable grand challenge goals to deliver on innovative and breakthrough science, via a NASA-NSF partnership. Responses of up to 10 pages should be submitted by September 5, 2017, via NSPIRES in response to NNH17ZDA008L.
DRIVE-Inspired Integrative Science Centers (hereinafter called DRIVE Centers) envisioned to be implemented as a NASA-NSF partnership, are part of an integrated multi-agency initiative, DRIVE (Diversity, Realize, Integrate, Venture, Educate), put forward as a high priority recommendation of the 2013 Solar and Space Physics Decadal Survey. The DRIVE Centers are envisioned to be focused on grand challenge goals that are both ambitious and achievable within the lifetime of the center. Under the auspices of the DRIVE initiative, the Decadal Survey recommended, "NASA and NSF together should create science centers to tackle the key science problems of solar and space physics that require multidisciplinary teams of theorists, observers, modelers, and computer scientists." In order to maximize the potential for these science centers to deliver on innovative and breakthrough science, a recent report by the National Academy of Sciences, Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science, recommends that they be designed with aspects that support collaboration and deep knowledge integration across the full range of expertise (scientific, computational, educational) within them.
For more information, including references and existing resources and opportunities which may be useful in planning the focus and/or elements of a center, please see the full text of the RFI which may be found on NSPIRES under NNH17ZDA008L.
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Apply for NASA's LISA Study Team or ESA's LISA Science Study Team
NASA is seeking nominations (including self nominations) from U.S. persons to be a member of either NASA's LISA Study Team or ESA's LISA Science Study Team, or both. A single application may be submitted for either or both opportunities; the application must make clear which opportunity(s) are being addressed. Applications are due no later than September 1, 2017 as a single PDF file to For more information, see the full text of the call for nominations in the PDF file below: