NAC Science Subcommittees

The NASA Advisory Council (NAC) Science Subcommittees represent diverse perspectives within each of the science disciplines: Astrophysics, Earth Science, Heliophysics, and Planetary Science. In addition, the Planetary Protection Subcommittee reviews NASA's approach to preventing contamination of other bodies in the Solar System and of the Earth from these bodies. The subcommittees provide recommendations and advice to NASA through the NAC Science Committee.

NASA's Science Mission Directorate acquires community input, independent evaluation, and advice through three principal means. First, the various boards and committees of the National Research Council advise NASA on a variety of matters in science, applications, technology, and multi-program planning. Second, NAC advises us on program priorities and planning. Finally, the science community provides input to the Directorate in developing roadmaps for each science discipline area.

The Science Committee also includes one task force that provides advice on all NASA big data programs, projects, missions and activities.